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One of the more obvious things that needs to be done is often one of the most overlooked items. The return air filter should be changed or cleaned at least once per month depending on the type of filter and needs of the space.

First of all I would like to say thank you for visiting our site. The following information is intended to assist home owners understand the basic maintenance requirements of central heating and air conditioning systems and is not intended to encourage DIY repairs. Modern HAVC systems are complicated pieces of machinery that contain dangerous moving parts, hot surfaces, and high voltage  electrical components that can cause severe injury or even death. Internal parts should only be accessed by trained professionals.

North Alabama Pro Services LLC is not responsible for personal injury or equipment damage due to DIY repairs.

Look for areas that look oily on the surface. This can indicate a refrigerant leak and can lead to compressor failure if not repaired in a timely manner. A small amount of oil circulates through the entire system with the refrigerant and if a leak is present an oily spot is often present.

Animal urine will destroy condenser coils!!

What can I do to maintain my system?

Have your gas heating system professionally inspected.

Do not attempt electrical work if you don't know what you are doing!! It can cause death and/or severe property damage.

Second it is important to periodically do a visual inspection of the outdoor part of your system. Look for anything unusual like grass clippings or leaves blocking the outdoor coil. This can cause your system to run inefficiently using more electricity than it should. You should call North Alabama Pro Services LLC before attempting to clean the coil. The aluminum fins in the coil are easily damaged with water from a garden hose plus high voltage electricity and water don't mix. Compressed air can also damage the fins.

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Whenever possible protect your outdoor unit from pets. Dogs for some reason will urinate on the coil which will cause the fins and copper to become corroded and damaged beyond repair. I have even found a system where a hole had rusted in the top of the compressor.


Also look for signs of physical damage. Be careful when using string trimmers and lawn mowers near your unit. Rocks and debris can damage the coil. String trimmers can also damage the coil along with the risk of becoming entangled with the thermostat wiring that is usually exposed and runs along the copper lines leading to the indoor unit. 

Another thing to consider is the condensate drain. Extensive damage can be caused by a clogged drain line when the system is located in the attic space. These drain lines should be checked and flushed prior to each cooling season. Some units are installed in areas that are difficult to access. Please call North Alabama Pro Services LLC for assistance to prevent personal injury or property damage.

Dirty condenser coils like this one can cause compressor damage and high power bills!

Electricity and water do not mix!!

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