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We sell, service and repair your HVAC systems, including but not limited to:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Furnaces
  • Thermostats
  • Duct Work
  • Walk-In Coolers with Freezers
  • Ice Machines
  • Etc.


(256) 293-5665

A/C Service & Repair

When your air conditioner is running at peak capacity, you benefit from quiet operation, dehumidification, clean, healthy air quality, and a refreshingly cool home environment.  Cooling systems are a great benefit for those who suffer from allergies, asthma and dust sensitivity.  A neglected system, however, can actually be a source of contaminants, spreading bacteria, while eating up needless amounts of energy.  These compromised systems fail to eliminate stickiness or fight off the heat, and steal the enjoyment from your summer.

When you call North Alabama Pro Services for preventative maintenance, our certified technicians will carefully inspect, clean and optimize overall condition of your system.  We’ll pinpoint any areas of concern and take the necessary steps to safeguard against potential repairs.  We clean and tighten electrical connections, oil motors, check belts, measure airflow, test for refrigerant leaks, check accuracy of thermostat, and verify the condition of coils.

A/C Replacement & Installation

While air conditioning allows you to enjoy your summer on a whole new level, it’s much more than a luxury.  Restful sleep, greater productivity, and a cleaner, safer, healthier home are some of the benefits of an efficient cooling system.  When you’re considering installing or upgrading to a modern cooling solution, North Alabama Pro Services will provide the help you need to determine the ideal system for your exact needs. Through accurate sizing and proper installation, our certified technicians provide the highest level of satisfaction from your investment.

When it comes time for installation, quality workmanship is the difference between a smooth-running, energy-conserving system, and one that fails to live up to expectations for sound levels, operational costs and durability.  It is necessary that your contractor have the experience, training and dedication to get the job done right.  This is includes accurate measurements to properly fit duct work.  The team from North Alabama Pro Services continue to participate in factory training, always improving and staying current with technological advances and product development.



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Furnace Repair, Service, Replacement and Installation

Even a minor interruption in the performance of your heating system is cause for concern and a source of aggravation.  You might worry about the time and money necessary to restore your equipment to peak condition.  You might even hesitate to schedule an appointment, thinking maybe those weird sounds and smells will go away on their own.  Despite crossed fingers, malfunctions don’t go away.  They always get worse.  A minor issue caused by lack of maintenance can set off a chain reaction throughout the entire system, turning in a monster of a problem almost overnight.

Don’t wait.  Call North Alabama Pro Services. We don’t take advantage of your situation.  Our qualified service team will quickly identify the problem, make recommendations as to the most cost-effective solution, and complete work with your consent.  We work on all varieties of heating equipment, problem solving and troubleshooting to maximize efficiency and prevent future issues.  We stick to fair pricing, provide free written estimates for all work, and accept Discover, Visa and MasterCard.

(256) 293-5665


After many, many years of answering the needs of customers in Northern Alabama, with the highest level of dedication, we understand that emergencies rarely stick to a convenient timetable.  We recognize that these issues are more than inconvenient, and present dangerous situations, property damage, and health concerns.  For those desperate times, outside of regular business hours, qualified help from North Alabama Professional Services  is only a phone call away.  Through emergency services, we provide the quick and competent assistance you need to get back to safe, efficient and enjoyable comfort.

When you experience any disruption in the performance of your heating equipment, contact North Alabama Pro Services , and we’ll set up a convenient appointment with quick turnaround on your project.  We deliver affordable and trustworthy repairs that stand up to time, weather, and intense use.  There is no problem we can’t handle, and no step we won’t take to get the job done right.