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At first it looks fairly complicated but actually its not too bad once you know whats on the inside. The large brass cylinder in the center contains a U shaped shuttle that slides from one side to the other when the small electrically operated valve mounted in the center is powered. This small valve sends high pressure refrigerant from the tube at the top to one end of the brass cylinder which pushes the shuttle to the opposite end as the power is cycled off or on delivering heating and air conditioning to the conditioned space. The copper tube on the top and the center tube on the bottom do not switch. the tube on the top is always the high pressure refrigerant coming from the compressor and the center tube on the bottom is always the low pressure refrigerant going back to the compressor. The tubes to the left and right on the bottom reverse depending on the mode of operation. In the cooling mode the tube on the right is the low pressure side connected to the indoor coil. In the heating mode the tube on the right is the high pressure side connected to the indoor coil and the tube on the left is connected to the outdoor coil and is always the opposite pressure.

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